Welcome to the home of H2 Flex

The Fuel of Tomorrow…. Today !

The H2 Flex provides Clean Energy – On Demand

Through a highly innovative Patented system the H2 Flex generates Hydrogen from Aluminium Granules (including scrap aluminium) and an established Chemical reaction (No external energy is required)

The systems are simple refilled with Re cycled Cartridges – Plug and Play

The systems provide 99% pure hydrogen when you need it on demand For multiple applications:

Cars, Buses, Generators, Boats, Trucks, Power Generation and remote energy demand and storage.

They can be calibrated for Internal Combustion Engines ( New and Retrofit ) or can be used in conjunction with Fuel Cells and Electric Vehicles as Main power supply ( Replacing Expensive Batteries ) or as Range extenders.

We are currently in the final stages of design and manufacture and we are currently taking pre-orders for the systems

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