Your Benefit

More Power

Our water-gas technology will also provide more power to your vehicle, while cooling your engine at the same time. Learn more.

Tune Engine

The H2-Flex will remove carbon buildup, tune engine, saving you on car maintenance cost and prolong the life of your vehicle.

Huge Savings

Huge savings with pre-order price of 999.99 USD, the H2-Flex will pay for itself in a few months, depending on the amount of time spent on the road. Regular price $1,650.85. Learn more.



H2-Flex Water-Gas Hybrid Kit Boat
H2-Flex Water-Gas Kit Truck diesel ICE. Yes all ICE will run on H2-Flex
H2-Flex Water-Gas Hybrid Kit for diesel
H2-Flex Water-Gas Hybrid Bus will save transit companies in a big way.
H2-Flex Water-Gas Hybrid Kit Powers ICE


At some point you may heard, read, or watch media that states "hydrogen gas is dangerous". The purpose of this video is to show how safe Hydrogen gas is. Bet you can't do this with gasoline!

What Others saying

Am interested to use your technology with electrical power generators in Iraq. Could you please provide me with more data and price tags for your products.

Bakir Tailor

Fabulous Machine you invented.Incredible!!! Id like to buy it.I understand lots of it but not all. It would be nice to understand chemical process how the 3 elements work together. Also exactly the alluminum works. Thx for everything your great.

Jim Buckley

I believe as the human race has already destroyed earth with oil, there may still be time to reverse it and it’s people like Harlo that can help, if you read this email I would like to say well done for your attempt to look for a greener fuel.

stephen lukacs

Love your product place me on your list or if you have available I would like to make an order.

David Sean

This is brilliant technology and I would love to order it if I can afford to.

Keenan Cumberlamd

I have keen interest as I know the technology; not only that it works, but have possible avenues for collaborating.

Dalton Gooden

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