Q: Do you Include Detailed Instructions?

A: Yes, we do.  You will receive an operational manual and downloadable link upon purchase for latest version of the manual.  This cuts down on environmental, administrative and paper costs. We also support your questions after the sale.  Our instructions provide basic, easy to understand directions as well as more detailed and technical information for those interested.

Q: Will the water freeze in winter or cold areas?

A: No. Using KOH or NaOH as electrolyte, the freezing point will be between -12 to -30C and beyond, depending on the mixture.  Our manual describes what freezing point will be achieved.

Q: Does this Generator Require a Bubbler?

A:  The H2-Flex is a high technology device with metal alloy filter that keeps 100% of the water and steam out of the gas line, only pure hydrogen can pass through. And because there is no oxygen, it does not need a bubbler or flashback like HHO gas and the dry cell types do.

Q: Does it need power from a battery or vehicle alternator in order to work?

A: No. The H2-Flex uses chemical reaction between water and aluminum to produce hydrogen gas on demand. Its small internal battery controls the automatic functions, such as detecting when the engine needs gas. It also provides safety shut down in the event that too much gas is being produced.

Q: Can water be added to the fuel tank?

A:  NO! You should never put water into your vehicle’s fuel tank!

Q: Does it has Electrodes

A: No. The H2-Flex is based on chemical reaction and does not use electrolysis, and therefore, no electrodes.

Q: The More hydrogen gas, the Better?

A: Yes, if you want to drive solely on hydrogen gas. But adding a little H2  gas to your engine will still improve efficiency. Typically adding just a half liter/minute will benefit you greatly, as long as you have some kind of oil or petrol in your fuel tank.

Q: Can I replace my aluminum cartridge?

A: Yes, In fact, you must replace your aluminum cartridge after about 300 miles of driving on H2 alone. The H2-Flex will let you know when to replace your cartridge and when to add water.

Q: Can I use any type of water?

A: Yes. Any type of water will be fine as long as it’s H2O, this include very dirty water, seawater, wastewater, drinks, pee, etc.

Q: Can I use aluminum can to power my car?

A: Yes. You should, however, this will clog up the H2-Flex gas filter and cause problem with the gas line.

Q: What do I do with the used Aluminum Pack?

A: We will buy them back!

Q: Will using the H2-Flex void vehicle manufacturer’s warranty?

A:  No, vehicle manufactures cannot discriminate against the use of a fuel additive. Under the terms of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty act, engine manufacturers must take the position that the use of a fuel additive does NOT void the engine warranty unless it can be proven that the specific additive was the cause of the failure. Manufactures may assert that the use of certain additives may prove useful.

Q: Do I need to bore a hole into my intake manifold to connect the gas tube?

A: No, you can connect the tube to the vehicle’s fuel line with a tee connector, so your fuel system remains the same.

Q: What makes H2-Flex different from HHO generators?

A: H2-Flex is based on chemical reaction between water and aluminum to make hydrogen gas, and no oxygen is produced. Therefore, no external power is required. HHO gas is 2-part hydrogen and 1-part oxygen, which is created from water or other liquid through electrolysis process. So external power is required.

Q: Can I use lower grades of fuel when using H2-Flex?

A: The H2-Flex allows you to use the lowest octane fuel, even French fry oil in a gasoline engine, without causing pings or lower engine performance.

Q: Can I use the instrument panel in my vehicle that shows ‘miles to empty’ and MPG as a true measurement?

A: Most computers in today’s cars and trucks show an average of savings and can be calculated in a number of different ways. It is advised, before using H2-Flex, to get a true MPG base line, by dividing the number of miles traveled by the gallons of fuel used. Then, once the H2-Flex is turned on, revaluate the savings by the same method. If you pull a boat or trailer you may have to remove the positive battery connection to reset the computer to get an accurate reading on your instrument panel.

Q: Can H2-Flex be used on hybrid and electric vehicles?

A: The H2-Flex can be used on hybrid vehicles as long as it has an internal combustion engine (ICE). With our new hydrogen battery system (“H2-Cell”), the H2-Flex can also be used on electric vehicles (EV) and fuel cell vehicles.

Q: What Will My Miles Per Gallon Improvement Be?

A: Every vehicle is different.  You will see anywhere from 50% to 300% increase in MPG. There are a lot of factors for the differences, such as:

  • The weight of the vehicle
  • The type and size of the engine, such as 4, 6, 8, and 12 cylinder
  • How healthy the vehicle is prior to adding a hydrogen generator is also important.

Q: How do I get on the list for my H2-Flex?

Sign up or send us an email and we will let you know when pre-orders begin.