H2-Flex Specifications

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H2-Flex Specifications

The H2-Flex converts water into 100% pure hydrogen gas on demand! No electricity is required! No oxygen is generated. No need for O2 extenders or EFIE fuel injection system modifications to your car. Greatly improve gas mileage, can eliminate the need for gasoline and diesel, extends engine life, cleans engine while driving, increase horsepower, prevents damages caused by E10, E35, & E85; eliminates harmful emissions, will pay for itself in a few months.

Here’s the sweet part – You do not need to use 100% hydrogen to run your gas-powered vehicle or generator to benefit from hydrogen. With a small amount (5 to 10%) of pure hydrogen boost, you can use any one of these fuels in any gasoline engine: Gasoline, Natural Gas, Diesel Fuel, Alcohol (methanol or ethanol), Propane, Castor oil, Motor oil, and Old vegetable oil. You can use your original ‘gasoline’ engine to run any of these fuels as long as it is hydrogen boosted. You DO NOT need a diesel engine to run ‘French fry oil’ or bio diesel.

H2-Flex Specifications:

  • Container type: Composite
  • H2-Flex Dimension: 20 x 11 x 13-inch
  • Control system: Automatic (plug-n-play)
  • Hydrogen Storage Capacity: 500± % Liters
  • Raw Hydrogen Purity: ≥ 99.99%
  • Hydrogen Charge Pressure: 0.1 – 0.5(10 – 25°C)MPa
  • Hydrogen Discharge Pressure: > 0.1,≤ 0.5(25°C)MPa / 72 PSI
  • Hydrogen Discharge Purity: ≥ 99.99%
  • Hydrogen Discharge Flow Rate: ≤8 L/Min
  • Environmental Temperature: 70°C
  • Valve Type: Quick connector
  • Total Weight: 40Lb (dry)
  • Range: 300 miles on 2000 pound vehicle
  • Cover: Quick-clamp locking cover
  • Hose: 8 feet of clear, braided reinforced tubing
  • Accessories: 2 clamps & 1 Tee for quick connection to fuel line.

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